Vita team

Sergio, nuestro shaper en Vita

Sergio “Sublime”

Shaper and workshop manager

He is the one who will shape and color your board.

With 21 years of background manufacturing boards, he has learned this profession in workshops in Australia, Hawaii and worked as a workshop manager in one of the largest board workshops in Europe located on the Basque Country Coast.

Look how he customizes boards!

Vita Surfboards Tato

Alfonso Muñiz (Tato)

Customer support

He is the one who will answer your questions and needs.

With a vast experience in surfing retail, it is the visible face of Vita. He will be the one who communicates your needs to both the factory and the workshop and will understand any request whatever your surfing style is.

Reparador y laminador, Marcos

Marcos Suárez

Repair and Hotcoater

Marcos is in charge of repairs at Vita Surfboards and Aastruboards Company. Additionally, he assists in the lamination process at the same time. He is also the operator of our numerical control machine and makes sure that all the shapes we produce are perfect.

Vita Surfboards Cosme


Repair and sander

He is the one who will repair and sand your board.

With extensive experience in nautical and boat repairs, it is who will take care of leaving your board ready to navigate.

Pablo, fundador

Pablo Campos-Ansó Fernández

Innovation and development manager for the corporate group G.Junquera

He is the founder of the Vita and the Asturboards workshop.

Birth entrepreneur, joins the group G. Junquera Marítima, S.L. in 2017 as head of innovation and development in E + Engineering, launching in parallel the Vita Surfboards brand. It promotes a business in Asturias that is linked to his main passion, surfing, a sport through which he has been doing social work since 2013, when he founded the non-profit association Olas Sin Barreras.


Ambassadors Mateo



Lucia Martiño

Lucía Martiño


Héctor Menéndez  Fuerteventura

Héctor Menéndez


Juan Diaz Teran

Juan Díaz Terán



Pelle Burmeister


VITA SURFBOARDS Jonte Burmeister

Jonte Burmeister


Marc Villalonga Surf en Menorca

Marc Villalonga


Jesús Salcines en Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Jesús Salcines

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

ALEJANDRO AMATO Surf en Asturias

Alejandro Amato